Our mission: To build community, help great companies and candidates thrive, and be a conduit to a truly better world. Technical Integrity was built on the notion that there was a better way to serve our clients, candidates and our community. 

We felt that the prevailing "pushy-salesy" and quantity based approach was terribly flawed, we rejected the notion that candidates were commodities and client relationships were transactional. We built T.I. to be a truly transparent and honest partner for all parties. 

Today and everyday, we act as a trusted advisor to both candidates and clients. We tell the damn truth at every turn, and we're proud to be known for that. Our approach honors every one of your recruits as you would your most valuable clients. Read our blog. The cornerstone of what we do, and our mantra, is 'giving first' to our community.  

Since September of 2010, we've dedicated more than 1,000 volunteer hours, and donated more than $55,000 to non-profits that are making a big difference.  No other small placement firm can say that. As a result of our unique approach, our success in the startup community is unparalleled.
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Technical Integrity is a small professional placement firm focused on helping our clients and candidates thrive. By focusing on honest, forthright talent acquisition, we empower organizations to maintain focus on what they do best. It's that simple.

I created Technical Integrity in 2010 on the basis that there was a huge gap between those in talent acquisition and the startups that desperately needed assistance. There was no trust- the recruiting model was broken and it needed to be fixed. I knew there was a better way to support the startup community, and it had everything to do with building community, being an honest partner and giving back.

I'm super grateful to have proven our theory true. Technical Integrity has come to be regarded as one of the few organizations that truly cares about the results for both candidates and our clients. Of course, at the core is our ability to deliver on our promise of highly vetted candidates, with the correct cultural attributes.

To have become a true partner and friend to nationally regarded startups, in a community that we love and support, we've realized our goal of becoming a valued ally to those that matter most.

When I'm not busy telling our story in the community- you can find me on a snowboard, discovering new music or hanging out with my amazing wife and our 136lb Great Dane, Bodie.  

I love my job. Working to help people grow personally and professionally is a passion of mine. This extends, of course, to helping our clients scale their teams with A-Players who are perfect culture matches.

Coming from a strong background in personnel management, logistics and health care, I certainly understand what it means to connect with people. I take the time to LISTEN to our clients and candidates alike- and truly grasp what matters to them.

I've placed senior engineering managers, software developers and sales directors. At the end of the day, when we have an authentic, open, and super candid discussion, everyone is going to be happy with the results.

I'm definitely a mountain girl at heart and I'm so grateful to live in Colorado. Oh, and if you're a dog lover too, we're going to get along just fine : )