What is Technical Integrity?

Technical Integrity is a boutique professional placement firm focused on building community and helping startups and mid-size businesses locate mission-critical engineering candidates that meet high cultural and technical standards.

How Are We Different?

1. We are genuinely driven by helping people and building community.  We LOVE to help people find their dream jobs, and to be a trusted advisor in that process. We also LOVE to help our startup community grow.  Being able to focus on these two things together has been a winning combination for us.  From organizing the Marquee Events for Denver Startup Week, to speaking engagements at technical conferences, to supporting many technical meetups in town- people know us – and we consistently show that we speak the truth, and nothing but the truth.  Our dream job is to help people and make a difference simultaneously, and this allows us to make ideal matches for both the client and the candidate.

2. Culture Matching.  We know what culture means to you and your team because we make it a priority to understand this crucial aspect of your business.  We’ve certainly spoken at length with your prospective employees about what they need and want too.  You are guaranteed a better return on your investment if your new employee fits perfectly in your company culture because that means they are happy!   We make sure that happens.

3. Quality over quantity. Our organization was founded on the principal we ONLY send qualified candidates.  You will never get a bunch of unqualified resumes from our small organization. We understand that your email inbox is overloaded and your phone is ringing off the hook.  Our goal is to make your life easier. Take us up on our commitment to quality.

4. Supporting deserving non-profits and charities with our profits.  We all have the ability to make a difference in this world and by working with Technical Integrity, you are enabling great things to happen on a daily basis.  We believe in positive Social Impact. We are supporting non-profits and charities that are reaching millions of people.  We are only interested in the best organizations making the most impact through education, experiential education and disruptive innovation. We are also encouraging our nations children to pursue a future in high tech, clean tech and engineering.  Learn more by visiting our Difference Makers section http://technicalintegrity.com/the-difference/.

We believe it’s important to do business with like-minded companies. By working with Technical Integrity, you get the priority on the best candidates by just doing what you do best.

Together, we WILL make a difference, every day.