Technical Integrity is proud to offer a new consulting services arm of our company that focuses on assisting both new and seasoned entrepreneurs execute on their ideas- from concept to implementation.

Our C-Level for hire offering is built to be as flexible as you need it to be. We have amassed a large group of incredibly experienced entrepreneurs and executives that can help you scale your new or existing organization. Please if you do not see the type of executive that you require. We will be updating our listings regularly.

Featured Entrepreneur: Toma Bedolla  

Toma Bedolla | CTO For Hire in Boulder

“Through my own struggles and victories as an entrepreneur, I've come to appreciate entrepreneurship as far more than just starting new businesses; entrepreneurship is our greatest asset as a community for tackling the opportunities and challenges we face. Governments are hamstrung, fundamentally limited and divisive while non-profits/philanthropic efforts generally address society's afflictions rather than core problems. This means entrepreneurship is our best bet to galvanize large groups to solve the big problems, yet startups fail roughly 95% of the time. We have to be better. I believe we can be.

I enjoy bridging gaps between business and technology audiences to tackle evolutionary and disruptive ideas. I also enjoy working with and inspiring the teams that build them. I believe strongly in servant leadership, occasionally accused of being a visionary, and I absolutely intend to leave the world a better place than how I found it.

My experiences are as varied as this life has allowed, moving from one adventure to the next. I pursue projects I believe matter, each with varying levels of learning, success, and reach. I've tackled the veracity of information on the Web via HowTru, co-founded an international entrepreneurial community service called House of Genius, served as CEO of TravelSHARK to build, assemble, and lead the team that built the first true recommendation engine utilizing unstructured data in travel, one of the first to embrace and employ open source solutions as Chief Technology Officer for Jason's Deli, studied physics and computer science at the Colorado School of Mines, climbed unnamed peaks in the Kunlun mountain range north of Tibet, played collegiate baseball and caddied full time on the PGA Tour.

I strive to live a life in balance, each day to the fullest, and to make the most of the opportunities I am presented. I love my family, my friends, and connecting with great spirits that have the capacity to care for people they'll never meet.” 

-Toma Bedolla

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