Why We Are A Part Of “Take Back The Movies”. Perhaps You Can Pay It Forward As Well.

As you know by now- a few weeks ago, darkness shrouded Aurora, Colorado when a delusional student walked into a movie theater with the sole intent of stealing peoples lives and their night out.  Fear gripped the city and the nation with the possibility of copycat killers. People were asking why- and to this day, we are all still searching for answers as to what might have caused (or stopped) this madness.

We don’t claim to have the answers- but we are refusing to live in fear, and we are going to shed some light in the darkness tomorrow, Saturday August 11th.  Through the generosity of many in the community, we are going to show up and surprise people with more than 1300 free movie tickets, and we are encouraging others to share random acts of kindness around the country.

Jason Cole, the visionary behind Take Back The Movies, mentioned the idea to us early on and we immediately asked how we could help.  My colleagues, my wife and I all pitched in in different ways including alerting media outlets, potential donors and volunteers.  At least three of us, along with fifty other folks, will be handing out free tickets to unsuspecting movie-goers. We intend to show that there is more good than evil in the world, that people are genuinely positive souls and that you can combat the negativity through kindness.

We’ve been fortunate that a number of news outlets have picked up our story from across the country including Parade Magazine, Sacramento TV stations, and of course we owe a big thanks to local media as well for spreading the word about Take Back The Movies.

Will you join us in buying a stranger a movie ticket?  You’ll be glad you did.

Below are some of the articles on the event.  Enjoy the goodness and pass it on.