Director of DevOps for Fast Paced Startup in DC

Technical Integrity is working exclusively to find a VP of DevOps for our fast-paced startup client in the Nation’s Capital, downtown Washington, D.C.

This role will report to the CTO and will be responsible for all major decisions surrounding SaaS scaling efforts to add millions of users.

The Culture

This company prides itself on its inclusive, fast-paced and fun ecosystem where everyone is hands-on (including the CTO) utilizing and demonstrating their technical mastery, daily.

It’s a casual work environment. There are definitely flip flops, some beer in the fridge and plenty of coffee.

Everyone is incredibly passionate about the product and the company vision.  This is an Agile environment – there are regular stand-ups, sprints, architectural and code reviews.

Team members in the large exposed brick office enjoy the city life, being right next to amazing coffee shops, restaurants, bars, shopping, The Metro and more.

Who are you?

You are a down-to-earth-super-hero in the DevOps realm.  Sorry, your super-ego will have to be checked at the door.  You have scaled large-scale infrastructure and DevOps teams for impressive organizations in the past and you love what you do.

You love helping others succeed. Your judgment is unparalleled. You are honest to a fault.  Your teams respect the heck out of you and they are extremely loyal.

You likely speak on the national circuit about your passion for DevOps, while this isn’t required- it’s a big bonus if you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others in public forums.

This role involves a super-human passion to scale an organization that has excellent market traction and positioning.  You should thrive in a collaborative environment, articulate your vision well and you enjoy communicating with your fellow humans.

You are equally comfortable speaking with clients as you are speaking with non-technical team members, internally.  You enjoy working cross-departmentally and you easily adapt to change in company direction due to market conditions.

Required skills

  • Truly impressive experience scaling web applications for the enterprise
  • Ability to demonstrate hands-on technical mastery in an established ‘technical meritocracy’
  • Passion for DevOps, in a SaaS environment
  • Strong leadership experience in a high level operational role
  • Excellent Linux Administration experience
  • Enterprise capacity planning
  • Very strong database knowledge
  • Strong production level exposure to Puppet, Chef, or other automation frameworks
  • More than a few Ruby on Rails deployments
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to communicate clearly
  • Did we mention excellent operations automation experience
  • Massively scale a popular SaaS application in the retail space to be used by millions
  • Grow your Ops team into a (more) fun, efficient and awesome group that continues to meet critical uptime and performance guarantees
  • Strong hands-on experience installing, configuring, tuning, and monitoring cloud-based Linux servers and services running on them.
  • Automate all systems using tools like Chef (moving away from Puppet)
  • Manage capacity planning of server and network resources and plan for future needs
  • Assist developers in deployment of Ruby on Rails applications
  • Ensure security of production systems

Strongly preferred experience that will bring you to the top of the list!

  • Software Development training/ background/ education
  • Strong Open Source contributor (please provide profiles for review)
  • Avid learner- Continued personal growth is highly valued
  • Enjoy breaking things and fixing them
  • Strong entrepreneurial experience
  • Nginx
  • Unicorn
  • Mongo
  • Redis
  • MySQL
  • Docker
  • Ubuntu
  • HAProxy