Top 10 Interview Questions you Should Ask in Every Interview

As a job-search coach, I frequently mentor people on how they can best prepare for interviews. We practice using many of the top behavioral-based questions that an interviewer might ask, such as, “Tell me about a time when you…” or “What’s your greatest weakness?”

Then, when I ask my clients what questions they plan to ask of the interviewer, I’m often left feeling that there was more that they could have asked.

Here’s my most frequently dispensed advice: Interview your potential employer! Don’t be desperate to get hired. Show this interviewer that you’re just as passionate about finding a good fit as they are. If the corporate culture doesn’t seem right—if you’re hearing about a series of potentially toxic situations—listen to your gut, ask more questions, and truly evaluate the responses.

Here are 10 questions you should ask of any prospective opportunity, regardless of the industry or role:

  1. What are the growth plans for your organization?
  2. Why is this position open?
  3. What is the team’s skill set and personality make-up?
  4. What skill sets or attributes have you identified that the team lacks?
  5. How have others moved up within the organization?
  6. What is your management style, and who works best under you?
  7. Why do you come to work every day?
  8. What frustrates you at this company?
  9. What is the communication like between the C-Suite and lower management?
  10. What would I be most proud of if I worked here?

Remember that interviewing is a two-way experience. You can, and should, ask important questions that will help you determine if the company you’re speaking with is truly the place you want to be working.

Greyzone’s Founder, Tami Palmer has worked in the staffing and human resources management industries in the Boulder/Denver area for over 15 years. She’s written articles on the job search process for Expert Beacon and blogs on the topic regularly. Believing that all people can stand firmer in their authenticity, greyzone provides career mentoring and job search coaching to professionals at all stages of their career.