We Have A Strict ‘No Assholes’ Policy, And You Should Too

We Have a Strict ‘No Assholes’ Policy, And You Should Too.

As a boutique professional placement firm focused on startups, we need to make decisions daily (and often-times hourly) on where to spend our time and who to spend it with.

In order to maintain the high ethical standards that we insist on internally, we only affiliate ourselves with clients and candidates who hold themselves to the same high standards of total integrity, respect, and honesty.

It’s not easy or fun to make judgments about prospective partners on either side of the coin, but it’s a requirement for successful matchmaking.

Subconsciously, as humans, we go through this process multiple times daily- but as a small business- it’s imperative that we only affiliate ourselves with folks who are clearly on the same page about how they conduct themselves personally and professionally, without exception.

We have VERY candid conversations with both clients and candidates as to their passions and motivations.  Once we are able to better understand what is driving the thought processes of both parties (and doing a deep technical screen), we determine if it’s a good match, and we’re open about our assessment.

In making these assessments, we have to have a strict “No Assholes Policy”.  It’s just that simple.  Life is too short to work for, hire, or affiliate yourself with assholes…so, we don’t…and that’s ultimately best for all involved.

**Important Note**

We’ve felt this way for a long time, but seeing the quote “Life is Too Short to Work With Assholes” from @sether / Seth Levine from @foundrygroup inspired us to make our policy crystal clear.  Other than being regularly inspired by the good folks @foundrygroup and being of service to a handful of their portfolio companies, there is no affiliation between our organizations.