Senior LAMP developers for [insert synonym for awesome] startup in North Denver

So, I ran into this nice lady at the grocery store and she was telling me that her grandchild was looking for a new job. She had spent so much time trying to set her grandson up with all these other jobs that she knew from the neighborhood.  Because grandma insisted, he would go and interview but never found happiness or passion in any of these jobs. Grandma was distraught, because her grandson gave up and settled for a mediocre job. It turns out, I was getting a lesson on settling for a job (you know how grandmas like to give out advice).

I finally asked grandma what her grandson had been looking for in a job and it turns out it was identical to a job we’re trying to find someone for. Grandma told me, “Sonny, it was just a story OK? My grandkids are all less than 10 years old. How old do you think I am!?” I declined to answer that question and politely changed the subject.

The moral of this little grandmotherly fable, is that you shouldn’t settle. Find a company you want to work for, a cool one doing challenging work and is a great place to work, perhaps one that has a job like the one below?

Our client (as if you didn’t already assume that we’re recruiters – we’re hoping our story about grandma would be a bit refreshing from the old boring job description) is a company of 70+ people who are looking to find some core PHP developers for their development team.  They really pride themselves on having a great work environment and culture- not a lot of companies can say that.  Oh, and their view of the mountains is pretty sweet too.

So, what exactly does “core PHP” mean? It means that they are looking for someone who looks at PHP code, knows what’s going on and isn’t afraid to jump in and improve it because they have the experience to know what they’re doing with the language. You know, one of those OOPHP types that can build it if they can’t find it.

“This sounds like all the other jobs I was looking at, I thought that with the grandma thing this job description would be different.” Just you wait.

This company is one that believes in things like open floor plans, quarterly hackathons, agile development, good benefits, and a bonus program where you can earn up to an extra $1000 per quarter.

It’s starting to stand out a bit now, right?

In order to get in the door you should know and believe in OOP preferably with PHP since that’s what everything is built in already; you should have the ability to write quality code out that works (pride in most of your code getting through QA unscathed is key); and while asking questions is the only way to get ahead, you should understand that having to ask the same questions all the time is wasteful and keeps people (yourself and your coworkers) from getting their own jobs done.

If you’re into what we’re laying down here, then please email your resume to matt at technical integrity dot com. Send the title of your favorite book as well, because Matt need some new reading ideas. He’s been reading tabloid newspapers and hacker news too much, it’s time for something more literary.