Senior JavaScript Developer with LAMP experience

Your mom raised you to be a leader, but instead you became a developer. That’s OK, there’s plenty of ways to be a leader in software. You just have to work really hard, be the best, and prove it constantly. Now that you’ve done this, let’s chat a bit.

Javascript and PHP “go together like peas and carrots”, to quote a prominent fake historical figure from a movie.

We need a JS expert. Someone who has watched all those JS videos on YouTube from the original developers, someone who understands that closures have their place and sometimes there are better ways to shuffle data around than an array. Not only do you have OO experience but you know how to build a proper JS object and you might even think that the jQuery guys could do better in some places. Hell, you might even have made suggestions to jQuery core that have been implemented. We’re looking for someone who’s plugins are better than everyone else’s and who’s code makes browser developers cry because it’s so good. Maybe even someone who has the ability to rewrite something like jQuery or MooTools from scratch if they got bored (not that they would, but that they could).

Our client is looking for someone with a “particular set of skills” to take on and conquer complex JavaScript projects, someone who has watched all the Crockford videos on YouTube, someone who understands (and can explain) all the behaviors of the ‘this’ keyword and that understands sometimes there are better ways to shuffle data around than an array.

Who this job is for:

  • A core JavaScript developer who understands the language and the reasons things are a certain way in JS
  • A developer who likes to solve problems with JS
  • Someone who understands the pitfalls of using specific plugins or frameworks and how to work around them or fix them
  • Someone who is ridiculous about JS

Who this job is not for:

  • Someone who only uses JQuery, MooTools or Prototype/Scriptaculous
  • Someone who has only worked in WordPress
  • A management type

Extra super bonus stars for (but not required):

  • Knowledge of require.js, handlebar.js, node.js
  • SQL knowledge – do you know how outer joins work?
  • Ability to be a leader on a team without the need to manage the team – speak up, speak out, but get [stuff] done

Shoot your resume over to matt at technicalintegrity dot com with a link to your favorite JS library, a description of why it’s your favorite, and two ways that it could be improved or two things you have done to improve it. If you’ve got JS libraries/frameworks/code that you’ve shared open source style or on GitHub, send that link too.

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If you like what we’re throwing down, hit us up and tell us! Thanks again for reading our job description, we hope you like it and oh- we really appreciate your time.