Ruby on Rails for a startup in a great city nestled up against the mountains

I started writing a job description which said “I’m not going to say xxx”. It felt so dang cheesy because by not saying it, I was saying it and I felt a little gross about that, plus who wants to read that?  If you haven’t noticed, we do things a little differently…

So, I am going to just give you the straight info and you can decide for yourself if this is a job you want to apply for.  First, the company we’re recruiting for is awesome, well known, well funded, and we (the TI team) have been friends with employees of this company for years. We’re working with them because we WANT to work with them, not just because they wanted to hire us.

The job is for a Senior Ruby on Rails developer. This is a brand new position and will likely provide quite a challenge for you, both helping to set up the team as well as build functionality and rebuild old functionality in the language you have learned and love.

Your developer skills are one thing, your ability to put them to good use and communicate about them all while being a team member (not a lone wolf or “leave me the hell alone type”) will be what sets you apart from other candidates. I am not going to say that the interview process is easy, nor should it be. You’re going to get grilled and probably have some questions come way the heck out of left field, but if you’re good at what you do it should not be a problem for you.  Be yourself and show that your humble, willing to learn, and have the work ethic to do your job and do it well.  This job is as much about cultural fit as it is about your dev skills, meaning that if you’ve got to be good at dev then you’ve got to be a good cultural fit.  No one wants “That guy” to work for them.

Other skills that are important: Experience with Git, ability to manage your own time without a babysitter watching over you, and a general optimism about the things around you.  If you’ve got sales and marketing exposure as well as a passion for solid UI/UX it’s a serious plus for your chances of being hired.

Wrap all this up with a nice little email and send it in an email with a link to the funnies thing you’ve ever seen on the internet to matt at technical integrity dot com.  He’ll actually reply to you and get this process started right away.

In case you want to know more about who we are, we’re Technical Integrity. Our official tag line is “Giving Clean Tech and High Tech Recruiting a Good Name.”  We actually take our tagline seriously, even though our job descriptions seem a little silly.  We’re trying to do things differently and see what sticks, because we want to find the best people for our clients and the best jobs for our candidates (that’s you). The quality of the match for both the employer and the prospective employee (you) actually matters to us.

One of the things we do that’s different, is that we really pay attention to our roots, and we are actively involved in our community. Although, Boulder and Denver make it super easy since they are the best tech cities we currently live in- we also support global and national non-profits [] that leverage our donations to make a difference in the world. Feel free to ask around about us and tell us what you hear.  We’d love to hear from you.