Rails Engineers: opportunity to be employee #4 at a fast paced startup

The Company

Our client is an early stage software startup with quite a bit of seed funding. They already have a product and are hitting the ground running. They have 3 employees and you will be brought in to be #4. They also have a set plan for where they want to be in 6 months and in a year. You will be asked to help them get there. Our client is ready to hire today, so if you’re ready to go – let’s chat immediately. They are hoping to find someone in the Denver or Boulder area, but if you can get yourself here that will work as well.

The Job

As employee #4 working directly with the CTO, you need to be a generalist- willing and able to do any technical task put before you. This includes writing Rails code, building out the front end, manipulating the database, improving code that exists, fixing bugs, solving problems, learning new systems, and making decisions that will effect the company going forward.  For your troubles, you will be paid a good salary and earn equity (not options to buy, but real equity).

Required Skills

  • Proficiency in Ruby on Rails. You should be at least a mid level Rails engineer (6/10 where 10 is superman)
  • Willing and able to work on HTML, CSS, and CoffeeScript
  • You must be willing to do self study on new systems, concepts, and ideas so that you can get things you don’t know today up and running tomorrow


  • Amazon services experience (AWS, S3, EC2, etc)
  • Heroku
  • Databases: Mysql, PostGreSQL, NoSQL systems
  • Have the startup mentality (multiple hats, work late, willingness to learn, dedication to succeed no matter what)
  • Payment processing
  • Experience with a commercial facing application