QA developers make sure the world keeps spinning correctly – North Denver

Your job is to keep customers happy, make sure support ticket counts stay low, and double check everything that gets modified in the system.  To use a played out sports analogy, you’re the goalie.  Most of the time, you sit there quietly watching the game play itself out. But, when the puck heads your way (i.e. a sprint is finishing up), you can’t let anything through.  It’s gotta be the perfect code, otherwise you catch it and the game goes on. Wow, that was definitely a strange analogy wasn’t it.

Quality Assurance is a guarantee to a customers that a company cares that they are delivering the best product that can be made. As a QA engineer, you’re literally the last person to say “Go” before the customer sees the product. This means you’ve got to be detail oriented and you have to sweat the small stuff, because it’s your job and who you are – you can’t help it! You have to notice those things that would normally get past a casual observer, but that the customer would absolutely notice and send in a support ticket about.

On a more serious note: small details, code, developers, big details, customers, databases, developers. It’s all part of this job.

We’re recruiters, but the mold got a little weird when we were stamped out (see last paragraph). We do things differently for our clients and only work with companies we believe in, who behave like startups, and who love the mountains (that’s why we’re in Colorado, right?). We’re helping out well funded client find QA engineers who can read code because they have written code before. We need people who don’t mind communicating issues to people, if you’re afraid to tell someone they screwed up, then what are you doing in QA!? Headphones are awesome for focusing on your work, but if you’re can’t communicate issues to developers, it’s not going to work out. It’s you not me.

Can you check code into and out of SVN or GIT? Can you do basic front-end work with HTML, CSS, and JS? Have you worked in a fast paced (read: startup-esq) environment before? Do you code on the side?  If so, you have chosen a job description very wisely.

Please tell us what languages you are familiar with, scripting or not, and what your previous experience has been as a coder and as a QA. Then, tell him your favorite web reference url so he can slack off for a couple minutes while I go check it out.  [From Matt: I like The Poignant Guide To Ruby]

Wrap all this up with a nice little digital bow and send it in an email to matt at technical integrity dot com.  He’ll actually reply to you and hopefully get you over to our customer where you can start kicking developer butt for missing silly little mistakes.

Note: I wrote the whole thing about sending me links after this was approved, so the boss didn’t see it.  You should totally send links to cool stuff. –Matt

In case you want to know more about who we are, we’re Technical Integrity. Our official tag line is “Giving Clean Tech and High Tech Recruiting a Good Name.”  We actually take our tagline seriously, even though our job descriptions seem a little silly.  We’re trying to do things differently and see what sticks, because we want to find the best people for our clients and the best jobs for our candidates (that’s you). The QUALITY of the match for both the employer and the prospective employee actually matters to us.

One of the things we do that’s different, is that we really pay attention to our roots, and we are actively involved in our community. Although, Boulder and Denver make it super easy since they are the best tech cities we currently live in- we also support global and national non-profits that leverage our donations to make a difference in the world. Feel free to ask around about us and tell us what you hear.  We’d love to hear from you.