QA Automation Engineer – Louisville, CO

Did I mention this QA Automation Engineer job is awesome?

Technical Integrity continues to seek really awesome people for our really awesome clients. In this instance we are looking to talk to really skilled QA Automation Engineers. Our client is on a mission to provide easy-to-use, video driven business intelligence data through video surveillance. That data then becomes a strategic business tool that helps companies perform better. Yes, that sounds pretty cool to me, too!

Want to work on a product that has immediate value? Then email me. Do you want to know that the creative awesomeness you rolled out last week is helping customers this week? I can help with that! Want to be actively involved in reshaping an industry? You know what to do! This position is a fulltime gig in Louisville and the company offers solid pay and benefits. I’ll tell you more as soon as you email me!

So…brass tacks:

I need you to be a solid QA Automation Engineer. You can mentor junior folks and are ready to be a lead or a manager. You have experience developing automation standards and know how to implement them. Your processes are designed to be consistent across both SaaS and DVR platforms. You understand an Agile environment and can design automating testing that is continuous because they are releasing every 3 weeks and the release isn’t going to wait for you. You can conceive and implement a QA automation framework that can grow and is effective across several software components. You want to have input. You want to perform at a high level. You want to learn. You aren’t afraid to speak your mind and you are equally unafraid to own your mistakes.

The day-to-day stuff is pretty straightforward – development, execution and maintenance of automated tests. You’ll be supporting functional, regression, performance and load test cycles. Of course, you will be collaborating with software development teams regarding standardized test processes and methodologies. This isn’t a one trick pony – in this job you are going to support multiple concurrent releases through various test environments so you better know your stuff. You will even be working with product owners to establish functional tests for new features, training on new initiatives and technology and driving the process of creating templates, processes and guidelines for the team to follow.

If you are as excited about this opportunity as I am, then drop me a line – jayna at technical integrity dot com. Oh – and it would be great if you would include some of your favorite bands. I am looking for new musical fantasticality since my current playlist is starting to get boring. I might also need a list of synonyms for the word awesome.