Passionate QA Automation Manager

We are looking for someone who lives and breathes QA Automation. This person should be hip to the theory, the reasons, and the implementation strategies of automation in a highly technical engineering environment.

Experience with current tools like rspec, cucumber, capybara, junit, phpunit, selenium and methodologies like TDD, BDD are REQUIRED.

Our client has a QA department currently, but wants to build it out and make sure that this QA manager is integrated into the Engineering team and driving the conversation about build quality and testing.

You need to be a straightforward and honest engineer who is willing to collaborate with other engineers with more tenure in the company than you (you’ll be new, remember). You must be a solid communicator – everyone says this on their job descriptions, but it is really the case here – you will be talking up and down the ladder as well as parallel to other departments.  You should also be a planner, someone who can build solid plans and make them happen.

This is not a coding role, but having experience with Ruby, Java, PHP, Perl, and Python environments will only help you to be integrated into this community faster.

If you believe that this role is exactly what you’re looking for, then please email Matt at TechnicalIntegrity dot com. Our client wants to move very quickly on this position.