Linux Network Administrator

The Culture Our client is a company who prides themselves on having a team who all work well together. They will have you do 4 interviews, 2 of which are with the team and direct managers, in order to make sure they can get a good feel for how you communicate and how you work…


Full Stack Rails Engineer

The Culture Our client is an early stage startup with frank and honest people running the show. They are looking for new team members who are flexible, comfortable wearing multiple hats, and have the ability to be trusted when in a room with clients. Everyone on the team is big on new ideas and ways…

How to become a manager at a startup

So, you want to be a manager?

The information below is shared with permission from and was provided as a reply to an “I want to be a manager” conversation by Elisa Hebert, Director of Project Management at Embolden. Embolden is a national digital communications group, providing a tailored approach to online strategy, development, design & content, working primarily in the nonprofit…