More than $40,000.00 so far…

$40,000.00. Wow. That’s fun to say!

We’re proud to share that Technical Integrity has remained true to it’s mission of building community as a major priority.

Since our inception, we’ve committed to supporting non-profits and NGO’s that are focused on making an exponential impact in critical areas such as increasing the number of females in the tech sector, improving the US Military Veteran’s return and integration into our economy, and investing in ‘Unreasonable’ approaches to social issues.

Below is a short list of the organizations we’ve supported through the years.

Going into the Holiday season, we ask that you please consider supporting organizations like ‘Pledge 1%‘ (formerly Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado) that ensure that your money gets to where it’s most needed. We also love that Pledge 1% empowers startups and entrepreneurs alike to set aside equity to be donated at the time of a ‘liquidity event’.

THANK YOU for supporting us in our mission to create an ethical revolution in the recruiting realm over the past six years. We’re grateful for your business, for your support and we’re certainly grateful to be part of such an amazing startup community in Colorado.

Lastly- don’t forget about Colorado Gives Day coming up in late November.
Such a great way to get involved and give back!

Some of The Organizations We’ve Supported Along the Way

Women Who Code
Women Who Startup
Unreasonable Institute
Veterans Expeditions
Sierra Club Military Outdoors
Wildlife SOS
Startup Weekend
Cottonwood Institute
Big Dogs Huge Paws
Social Venture Partners
Block 1750
Cure Violence