Mobile Developers: Now presenting! A job with a work life balance in the Bay Area

When we were just getting off the ground with our North Bay Area client we asked them about their work environment, fully expecting the typical startup environment of 70 hour work weeks with fast turn around cycles and bosses carrying Red Bull and whipping their subordinates to work harder. We were happily surprised when we were told that things just don’t work this way with this particular client. They have proven themselves again and again in Silicon Valley, and they’re backed by some serious money and some serious firepower.

They value time away from work and realize that employees who are happy outside the office will be happy inside the office. Many of the people who work here have families and like to go home to their kids and spend time with them (what a revelation!).

Our client is known to be generous with employee equity options, competitive pay rates, great pay, benefits and they will kick you out of the office if you’re working too much. It’s hard to believe that they still call themselves a startup with an attitude like that! Regardless of their office environment, this company is well funded by other Silicon Valley bigwigs and already have 7 million users in place.

Since at this point in the job description, you probably don’t care if this job is to sweep the floors, clean out keyboards, or to develop code: please send your resume, cover letter, and a link to your portfolio to matt at technical integrity dot com.

If you’re still not sold yet, this job is for a Senior level iOS and/or Android developer with experience integrating with and building APIs for badass, consumer facing apps. Senior of course meaning that you have experience to know enough about iOS or android (or both) that you can sit dowN and start working on Day 1, that you have built complex apps, and that you can discuss in detail and with confidence just about anything having to do with mobile applications that reach millions of users.

There are a couple of filters for people that you’ll have to go through in our process of figuring out if you’re the candidate that our client is looking for. This is probably easier done as a list, but who cares about easy? I am going to give them to you in paragraph form, just to make it more like story time.

We’re looking for someone with a high maturity level who can contribute to a growing team, it’s ok if you’re a little goofy but you have to be able to buckle down and be serious when it counts. Since there’s already a couple million users having experience with front-end applications is a pretty big priority because customers are kind of important. We mentioned this before, but being able to build and use APIs is super important because this company has them, uses them, and wants their customers and other devs to use them so any updates or changes to their APIs have to be done correctly. Linux, Unix experience as well as keeping an eye on security of the apps and APIs will be necessary.

Now, there are a couple other things that are considered “Nice to haves” because if you don’t have them you will still be considered, but if you do have experience with these then we will probably consider you ahead of the other applicants (this is an AND/OR list, not an AND list): Image manipulation, facial recognition, UI/UX experience, Data storage (Big Data), Facebook and other API/application integration, and/or highly distributed systems.

Since you’re still reading, I am just going to tell you what to do now assuming that you’re ready to find out what you need to do to get this job. Send (read email) your resume, cover letter, and a link to your portfolio to matt at technical

In case you want to know more about who we are, we’re Technical Integrity. Our official tag line is “Giving Clean Tech and High Tech Recruiting a Good Name.” We actually take our tagline seriously, even though our job descriptions seem a little silly. We’re trying to do things differently and see what sticks, because we want to find the best people for our clients and the best jobs for our candidates (that’s you). The quality of the match for both the employer and the prospective employee (you) actually matters to us.

One of the things we do that’s different, is that we really pay attention to our roots, and we are actively involved in our community. Although, Boulder and Denver make it super easy since they are the best tech cities we currently live in- we also support global and national non-profits that leverage our donations to make a difference in the world. Feel free to ask around about us and tell us what you hear. We’d love to hear from you.