Like Pringles, Java jobs in Dallas can be delicious when you can work how you want: Full time or contract!

Our client just wants good people and they’re ready to meet you in the middle. So if you prefer to be a full time employee, not a problem. If you love you some 1099, great!  Whatever your preference is, they will accommodate you.

Now, in order to accommodate your preferences, you have to bring something to the table too. This is not going to be a breeze-on-by job. You’re expected to be a Senior Java Engineer. So, since the words “Senior, Junior, Mid-level” are all thrown around, we’re all too happy to explain what this means in this context. Oh NO! A job description with a list! Well, I could make this part paragraph format, but that’s annoying for me – so deal…

  • You are a developer who doesn’t mind new code development (again, no sitting on your laurels support jobs here)
  • You’ve got to be able to work well in a small team (your ego is not welcome here, confidence is)
  • This company moves fast because the market moves fast and they’re staying ahead of it (keep up or work ahead and you’ll be fine)
  • They’re requiring that you’ve worked on at least one Enterprise (big-a**/lots of users/lots of data) project in the past, so you know the implications of that versus an html-only site or a business card site
  • You’ve taken the lead on at least one full development cycle – to prove it, share your experience with us!
  • You have to like to learn, if you can show us how you’ve learned and grown recently – that helps a ton (Sesame Street doesn’t count, unless your experience was awesome)

Benefits of this job: (Oh my goodness, another list! You made it through the last one, you’ll survive this one!)

  • An actual work-life balance exists in this company – this means that you don’t have to put in 75+ hours weeks, work a 40 and get your stuff done!
  • This is an onsite position, whether you’re a 1099 or a W2 because they actually work together (read: stop collaborate and listen)
  • Agile – yes, agile – everyone’s doing it. So jump on in!
  • New projects
  • Interesting projects (no BS)
  • You’re coming in at the beginning of the project and get to have an impact
  • if you’re W2, you can have benefits – if you’re 1099, its just different (you know that though)
  • Lots and lots of work, you won’t be bored
  • Attitudes and egos aren’t welcome, collaboration can’t happen if these are in the way

So, now that we’ve gone through the <joke>horrific challenge</joke> of dealing with two lists… Here’s a bit of fun for you, a tag cloud of skills. Don’t make fun! Your resume (and so many others) probably have this, so it’s only fair for us to make you read one 😉

JSP, JQuery, AJAX, JDBC, EJB, JBoss, Struts, Junit or other unit testing tools, MVC, SQL Server 2008, Oracle, SVN <– That’s more like a tag humidity, than a tag cloud. It’s so small and cute.

Lastly, there’s always the list (another one!?) of impossible things that you should also know… we’re not going to do that. We’re going to call this our little pile of things that if you have them, they’re like a gold star for your resume and everyone notices because the teacher puts them up on the big board that everyone can see: Messaging experience, RSF, JSF, SEAM, JMOCK, IIS7, Windows Server 2008, Preferred experience in smaller company environs, Maven

See, that was relatively painless. It was a lot like that shot you were going to have to get before Kindergarten that you cried and cried about and then when the doctor gave it to you, you didn’t even notice it because you were so worried about hiding your face and crying. Or something like that… Ok, fine. That was me. I don’t mind shots now, especially when they have Captain in them (he makes it happen you know <–Dear FCC, that’s an voluntary, unpaid, and unsolicited promotion)

If you like what we’re doing here, tell us about it. Oh, and if you want to apply for this job – hit me up matt at technicalintegrity dot com. Be sure to tell me about all those “sweet jumps” you took on your bike when you were a kid. My bike was a Walmart special, I trashed it. It was great. You know you did something cool when your bike tire looks like a Pringles chip afterwards. <–more unsolicited product placement for reference only, don’t buy their products, unless you want to. Then it’s ok. Pringles can be quite delicious.