Is it possible that .Net and Rails developer exists?

Yeah, we went there. Yeah, we asked that.

Got you to read further, didn’t it?

Keep reading, there’s more because this isn’t your last job’s description. We’re weird and we like it that way, so there you have it.

Are we cool? Good.

Yep, that’s what our client is looking for. (yes, we’re recruiters but as you can see we do things different ’round these parts, so hang on with us for a minute)..someone who can do both C#/.Net and Rails
Someone with two faces, a turncoat, and a cheat! Ok, not a cheat… or a turncoat. Honesty is king here, always.
Someone who doesn’t mind crossing over into the darkside from MSFT world and going into Open Source or the other way around: someone who doesn’t mind shunning the open source to do a little .Net dev time.

We know this is weird…we get it.

We are looking for someone who is willing to stretch the limits of a normal human brain. This person is going to be heavily involved in a project that many developers dream of working on. A greenfield Project in the media and entertainment Cloud spaces. You will reach into the depths of old code and give it new life in Rails, they are going to be hooking up the antennae and driving the company forward through the lightning storm and when that 10,000 jigawatt bolt of lightning hits, they will scream out “IT”S ALIVE!!!!”

This developer will be architecting, designing, and building new tools, products, and services that our client has never dreamed of before. Literally pushing/dragging the company to a new level technologically.

The team you would be a part of seeks new innovators and dreamers who love to code and don’t mind getting a little dirty in some legacy strange for a while.

Our customer is an established company with a startup feel, whose entire system is built in .Net but this team will be their spec-ops initiative to not only bring the old code up to date, but to build completely new along side the original stuff you’re improving upon.

Your catch phrases, should you choose to accept them are: APIs (building/using), love for Open Source, Oracle, and NoSQL

Yes, we see the contradiction of skills between Oracle and NoSQL. But that’s what makes this so much fun.

If you you’re worried about this company, let me put it this way. When we were interviewing them to find out more about this position the following phrase came out of their mouths:
“Senior doesn’t have to mean ‘time on the job’, senior to us means ‘experience doing the things we need them to do here'”.
That tells us that they are realistic and we know they are working on some cool….stuff, you know “with it”, they’re “hip” and well respected in their industry – they’ll do the Macarena for you to prove it.

If you’re interested in finding out more, email your resume and note about why you love ice cream to matt at technical integrity dot com. We’ll chat, we’ll have some laughs, and then we’ll tell you more about our client.