High Level Ruby Developer – Boulder, CO

You know those people who just seem to really understand the core of how software works? They can look at a system and they know what the inner workings are and could probably reproduce a better version? They were bored so they read the whole theory of computer science algorithms book and coded a couple of the more difficult ones up to see if they could do it in fewer lines of code. These are the people we’re looking for. Core, system level, computer science background, developer people. Forget gurus, ninjas, [other nonsensical labels]. These people usually never NEED a new job, because companies recognize that they are very valuable assets. However, it’s likely they aren’t challenged at the job they have. Our client posed this as the guideline for finding people: Are they excited about the prospect of processing and running thousands of filters on a terabyte of data every second? To apply: send an email to matt at technicalintegrity dot com with an explanation of the most interesting algorithm you’ve implemented in Ruby and a copy of your resume.