Full Stack Rails Engineer

The Culture

Our client is an early stage startup with frank and honest people running the show. They are looking for new team members who are flexible, comfortable wearing multiple hats, and have the ability to be trusted when in a room with clients. Everyone on the team is big on new ideas and ways to improve the process or the code. Despite being an early stage startup, the manager understands that 70+ hours every week is not a sustainable model. Yes, you’ll have deadlines that you’ll have to meet, but this strict agile environment is based in realistic deliverables and timelines.  Equity will likely be a part of the offer.

The Job

You will be an active contributor to the core product who is expected to solve problems quickly and efficiently. This will be a full stack job and you should be just as good in HTML/CSS/JS as you are with Ruby on Rails. Understanding the big picture of a server backed mobile application is a must. You will also be in meetings with customers and must be able to speak normal english (aka not developer-speak) when they ask you questions.

Required Skills

  • 2+ years in Ruby on Rails, using the full MVC
  • Mastery of HTML/JS/CSS – Angular, jquery – to build intuitive and simple UI/UX
  • Experience building and consuming REST APIs
  • Confidence when working with large datasets: MySQL is employed currently and NoSQL is likely the next step
  • Comfortable with writing and processing large XML files and objects

Nice to Haves

  • An interest in film and movies
  • Experience building the smart server behind a mobile app
  • Understanding how to offload processing from the mobile app to the server as much as possible
  • Messaging/Queueing