Full Stack Java Developer in Louisville (aka North Denver aka South Boulder)

Stackity, stack, stack, full stack.  What does it mean, really?

To our client, “full stack” means a developer who can work in the front-end (HTML/5, CSS/3, jQuery) as well as the back-end (Java, Spring, Hibernate, JBOSS) and doesn’t mind switching around because they know each equally well. There’s no requirement that you’re a ninja/guru/automaton/robot/freakazoid about either one more than the other, you’ve just got to be able to take tasks from Jira and get them done, regardless of the side of the ?house? that they are on.

As with many many companies in the Denver and Boulder areas, our client has embraced (like a big bear hug) the Agile development methodology. As with every single person who has done Agile, they have adopted it to their environment and needs. In order to continue improving their process, they are really hoping to find someone who can be an agile leader for their team, someone who can suggest improvements and help to massage them into existence (notice the nuance there, I didn’t say “someone who can improve the process with brute force”).

Some secrets to getting this job: Humble developers who can interact with other humans will succeed in this job. I capitalized Humble, because it’s super important. Yes, opinions are important and our customer values the input of their developers, some times changing course or adding features as a result of creative/constructive scrum meetings.  If you don’t know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em, you won’t be a good fit.  If you can mould (I just got British up in here) yourself into the team like a race car driver changes gears and you’ll be just fine.

For you list people that didn’t bother reading the above, even though there is important information up there and it says the same things:

Must have:

  • Front End Experience on a SaaS interface: HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • Back End Experience using Java: Spring, Hibernate, JBOSS
  • Agile experience
  • Ability to work on close-knit team easily
  • Ability to communicate clearly both what you’re working on and your ideas

It would be nice if you have this:

  • Leadership in implementing and integrating Agile processes
  • Leadership in a development team

Don’t have these things:

  • Cocky attitude
  • Assumptions that this job is “in the bag”
  • Inability to work with others

If you’re interested, please send you’re resume to matt at technicalintegrity dot com. Thanks! Oh, and keep reading.

Job Description notes / aka stuff you don’t really need to know, but I’m telling you anyways: Every time I hear the phrase “side of the house” I think about this Army recruiter who was trying so damned hard to convince me to join up, but he kept saying that phrase: “side of the house” and it annoyed me so much.

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