An Ethical Revolution In The Recruiting Realm

There is no doubt that the recruiting industry is broken and failing. When we opened three years ago, we knew we could disrupt the way things were done for decades, and make a real and lasting change. We are glad to report that we’ve done just that after three years in business.

When we set out to change the industry we had several core tenets that remain true today:

  • We will always be transparent and honest with all parties at all times, no exceptions
  • We will always deliver quality service to our clients and candidates. Our focus is quality, not quantity.
  • We believe in our community and we will help it to grow and thrive, because it’s the right thing to do (and it’s fun too)
  • We intend to engage with our clients and candidates as trusted advisors and long term partners. We will always do what’s best for BOTH parties, even at the cost of our bottom line.
  • We believe we provide a valuable service to the community in helping to build highly functional and long lasting teams through deep cultural and technical assessments
  • We will integrate engineers into our team as a way to better understand and engage with the technical community
  • We will support non governmental / charitable organizations with our profits that can leverage capital well to better the community and train entrepreneurs to become more successful
  • We will continue to learn and grow personally and professionally every day, and we will help others do the same
  • It’s refreshing that simply being forthright, honest and diligent partners to all parties has paid dividends and that our messaging has resonated so widely.

We are a highly successful and profitable business. We are welcomed in our community, but there is and will remain a hesitation around us being recruiters. We’re here to help and to make a difference through the work we do and we do what we can to prove that through our actions and involvement around Denver and Boulder.

Our internal team has grown organically 3x in the past year due to demand and we don’t actively seek out new business, all of our business is done on referrals. It’s the dream scenario; give to your community, be open and candid at all times with your partners, and the rest will come. It’s maddeningly simple and we’re not sure why anyone else isn’t doing it, but we are proud to be the ethical standard in professional placements for the startup community.

We THANK YOU for your support, your time and for your business over the past three years. We appreciate your kind words, and we love being a part of a revolution to fix a broken industry, one happy partner at a time.