Database Developer – Louisville, CO

Technical Integrity is hard at work looking for a Database Developer for a client in Louisville, CO. They are in need of a skilled Database Developer who loves solving the big problems that go hand-in-hand with big data. They are offering a competitive salary, benefits that include a 401k and a really great culture. We hope you are offering solid skills working with MySQL, a desire to contribute at a high level and the ability to kick butt without constant supervision (Seriously? Who has time for that?).

This is normally where the really long and boring laundry list of skills would reside. But I hate that. Instead I am going to tell you – clear and simple – what you need in order to excel with this team. You need to function really well in a fast-paced Agile environment, remain detail-oriented in the face of chaos and know enough technical stuff to form your own opinions about how things should be done. You also need to be able to voice those opinions, but not get all sulky if the team opts to go a different direction. It’s a MySQL database so obviously you need to have really strong experience working with that tool, you need to be able to speak business and geek, you need to be a team player and, frankly, you need to not be a jerk. It doesn’t get much more simple than that.

If you want to hear that laundry list or find out more about this opportunity I would be thrilled to talk. You can email me at jayna at technical integrity dot com. I’d sure love to hear from you!