Data Visualization Expert, Tableau / SQL background

Our client is a company who prides themselves on having a team who all work well together. They will have you do 4 interviews, 2 of which are with the team and direct managers, possibly the CEO and CTO, in order to make sure they can get a good feel for how you communicate and how you work with others. Everyone in the company can approach anyone else in the company and chat, ask questions, and generally get on the same page about what’s going on. If you like a highly collaborative company where you want to make an impact and you may talk to developers or the VPE in the span of 5 minutes, then this company could be a great fit.

The Job

Your job is to make data really, really pretty, and fun to look at.  You love data visualization and you can’t wait to jump in and make a difference with your fellow data scientists.  Tableau (or something similar) is your tool of choice and you use it regularly.


  • Excellent SQL skills
  • Passion for data visualization and using Tableau in particular
  • Strong development experience, preferrably in a LAMP environment (Java, C++, Python are great)
  • Solid Linux and Bash skills

Nice to Haves

  • Hadoop / Big Data background
  • Strong mathematical and analytical background