Changing the World, One Mission Driven Startup At a Time

As we approach our eighth year in business, we have been proud to become regarded as a trusted adviser, a #GiveFirst community building champion, and genuine partner to the startup community in Colorado and beyond.

In 2010 we set out to lead an ethical revolution in the recruiting realm. We’re proud to serve as an example in our transparent, no bullshit, culture-first approach to scaling software engineering teams. In addition to changing the face of recruiting – our vision was always to work closely with organizations that were doing the most good in the world.

We’re thrilled to say that we’ve stayed true to that vision.

As of late, we’ve been fortunate to work with four different organizations that are leveraging technology to better humanity. We love working with mission driven organizations- and we thought we’d take a moment to highlight the great work these partners are doing.

We recently helped Fort Collins based Community Funded find their new CTO, to architect the next generation of their crowdsourced philanthropy platform. CF helps universities and other high profile non-profits fundraise in new ways. As they say “everything we do is rooted in our vision of connecting, supporting and empowering humanity through our technology.” With this next iteration of their platform- they intend to facilitate millions of dollars in donations for higher education and four other sectors in 2018. Check them out here

Aunt Bertha is admittedly funny name for a growing startup doing serious business. AB was awarded a strong Series B by TechStars Ventures in 2016. Aunt Bertha’s platform helps those in need navigate the complicated world of social services (for help with food, shelter, health care and urgent financial needs), the advanced data capabilities of the Aunt Bertha Platform provide instant access to comprehensive, localized listings with hundreds of programs in every ZIP code in the United States. AB’s growing team in Austin needed experienced technical sales staff ASAP. We quickly identified several experienced SaaS sales experts with domain expertise. The senior sales account executive is now helping them scale their impact every day. Keep an eye on Aunt Bertha!

UrBike is a new startup in Denver focusing on sustainable Last Mile transportation for the urban sharing economy. It may sound like a mouthful, but the benefits are real. Promoting the development of Smart Cities, providing new carbon-free transport options, reducing traffic congestion, building healthier lifestyles, fostering sustainable development and more. This startup needed a true technical visionary and gifted CTO when it came to developing their app-enabled bike systems. We were proud to introduce them to just that person. UrBike is coming to your neighborhood soon- keep track and learn more here!

Katasi has been working to end distracted driving since 2009 with their Groove application. Katasi was featured on CNN a few times- most recently in this segment in 2016. Doing everything they can to reduce the number of accidents and deaths affiliated with distracted driving has driven their team to work hard for the cause. They are now engaging with telecommunications providers in North America and in Australia. They are in discussions with enterprise sized organizations and those that have large fleets to make the roads safer for all of us. We were able to help them find a lead mobile developer to continue their great work. Be sure to say hi to Katasi.

We can’t overstate how grateful we are to be working with these incredibly passionate, mission driven entrepreneurs and their teams. We look forward to seeing how their work inspires the next generation of innovators in the impact space!

Please share your favorite startups in this space and their stories below!