Building Community And Giving Back Is In Our DNA

When we started Technical Integrity, we wanted to do things differently.  I’m glad to say we’ve got a great foundation to turn the industry on it’s head- by building community and giving back; both literally and figuratively. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.

Our business is ultimately to deliver at a high level for organizations that have needs for talented, mission-critical engineering staff.   There’s a growing call in our industry for more automation of the recruiting process and less engagement with potential staff members. Decisions are often made solely on resumes, GitHub accounts and Social Media profiles. While there is plenty of opportunity to simplify things for employers, the human touch cannot and will never be replaced.  Nor should it.

It’s easy to find resumes based on a keyword search, and it’s easy to make a judgement on someone’s abilities without speaking with them.  It’s also easy to locate active candidates who are ‘on the market’- but how do you locate the BEST candidates that are the IDEAL fit for the roles, especially for a startup or mid-size business where culture-fit is paramount?  The answer is it’s not possible without in-depth conversations surrounding true capability, communication style, projects and products that are not mentioned in their resume, situational awareness and ability to adapt and execute in a fast paced environment- to name a few.

Our model has always been one of quality over quantity.  Making deep connections with both candidates and clients and staying in touch for the long run.  We regularly place individuals at multiple clients over a period of 6-10 years.  Likewise, we stay in touch with clients and because of our ability to deliver on our promises, they bring us along when they move to a new startup.  It’s not rocket science, but our honest, forthright approach pays dividends.

These long term relationships are critical to connecting people that deserve to be connected, regardless of whether or not they are clients or candidates.  We just love bringing folks together who can make a difference in the community or in the world.

Community building and giving back is embedded in our company DNA.  We truly believe that spending time with budding entrepreneurs, giving free advice to those having a hard time finding work (or their passion), and sponsoring events that foster this sense of community is critical to everyone’s success.  We feel strongly that Brad Feld’s “Give Before You Take” and ‘Pay it Forward’ mantra is absolutely critical as a core business philosophy.  Having embraced it for years now has been both incredibly rewarding and incredibly impactful.

This year we sponsored more than twenty startup related events in Denver and Boulder and we can’t tell you how much fun we’ve had.  It’s been amazing helping to bring folks together who truly respect one another and regularly share ideas on how to make Denver and Boulder better for everyone.  We’re particularly proud of our community partnerships with DenverStartupWeek, BoulderStartupWeek, BoulderBeta and IgniteBoulder, BDNT and IgniteDenver.

Just this month, we announced an initiative to empower the tech community to bring together folks with common interests- by starting their own Meetups in Colorado.  As long as it’s tech related and the organizer can create a compelling case for why they believe it’s sustainable, we’ll pay for the Meetup fees and give you some beer money!

Finally, we are incredibly proud to share that aside from bringing people together in the tech realm and helping foster great ideas, we are supporting organizations that are making the biggest difference in our communities- non-profits and charitable organizations.  This year we will be donating more than $15,000.00 to charities and non-profits such as Unreasonable Institute, Startup Weekend, Veterans Expeditions and Every Creature Counts – in association with the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado.

We believe that being a triple-bottom-line recruiting business means that we have a lot more responsibility.  We are proud to shoulder that responsibility of supporting people and the planet, as well as being a for-profit business.

We intend to build on our successes from 2012, and we hope you will join us in making our community more vibrant, more collaborative and more successful, together.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.  Here is to an amazing 2013!