Build and play 3D mobile games in the Rocky Mountains

Boulder, CO is not really IN the mountains, but it’s darn close. See, the thing is that we have like 150 microbreweries in Colorado … oh wait this is a job post, we’ll come back to that.

Soooooooo, we need a small army of 3D gaming developers who can build games on iOS. If you can do Android and Windows mobile too, then here’s a crazy invincibility star for you because that gets you closer to your new job (but it’s not required).

So, microbreweries. I don’t know if it’s the altitude or just the general attitude of people in the mountains, but we love some beer. We apparently love making it, bringing it to (or buying it at) bars and parties, and then drinking it. There are plenty of people who prefer wine and hard liquor, we have wineries and distilleries too, just not as many. There are also plenty of people who don’t drink, we hang out with them and appreciate their values because Coloradans are a quite an open minded bunch. We also have some great firefighters. Those guys are hardcore. We love them because they save our cookies on a regular basis.

Colorado people also love biking, hiking, and camping (in case you didn’t know that). Now, you’re saying, “Wait, you’re looking for developers, right? We’re all pasty mouth-breathers who never leave the office.”. We know that’s a crap stereotype, clearly inaccurate, and don’t appreciate you bringing that sort of talk around our ears without warning us to put on earmuffs first.  I am totally a mouth-breather and my wife hates it, but she deals because she loves me very much. At least that’s what I tell myself in the mirror every morning.

The games our client is building are on Unity, Phone Gap, Open Source Graph.  Their servers run Node.js because it seriously rocks and is one of the best ways to handle this much data so efficiently. You know about node.js, right? If not, let it wash over you and gently rock your world.

We’re looking for happy and humble people who love to start new things, tinker, explore new ideas, spin up a proof of concept, and who aren’t afraid throw spaghetti against the wall right in front of their grandma to see if it sticks. You should also be pretty social and OK with all those types of people I mentioned before, because frankly you will be asked to go and meet them (gasp!), hangout with them (double gasp!), and even teach them about the APIs and tools you’ve been building (triple gasp!). In other words, you should feel at home with other developers and be willing to go to hackathons on behalf of the company.

If this is you, awesome! Send your resume and the name of your favorite beer (or wine, liquor, or flavor of starburst) to matt at technical integrity dot com. He’ll (I’ll) probably want to talk to you on the phone (there we go interfacing with humans again) and make sure there’s a good match. If there is, you’re on your way to living in one of the most beautiful places in this country of ours.

Pizza tastes good. I actually like those $1.50 Totino’s pizzas, cooked in the oven or microwave. Yeah, I know, you’re only supposed to cook them in the oven. I don’t care, they taste good and the oven is just too slow sometimes.

The official job description is here if you’d like more info, but you should still send your resume by email to matt dot technicalintegrity at com – he wrote this and is real proud of himself, like one of those kids that smears the ice cream all over his face because it tastes so good he wants to wear it.