Are you right for this position?

We often keep an eye out for jobs for friends and people who we come to be friends with while working on other jobs. We try to help them find the right job for them. We have a policy of not selling jobs to candidates, brutal honesty that there’s not a match, and open conversation with our candidates which leads to some jobs just not being a good match. As a result, sometimes we will just shoot over a new job description to them to see what they think.

One particular candidate that I would love to find a job for, because he’s a great person and an awesome Java Back End Engineer, surprised me with a very straightforward approach to how he evaluated a job I sent to him.

During our interviews, we normally will ask people for their 0-10 rating for the specific skills on a job description which gives us a good feel for where they think they are with these skills. It also helps us to figure out how cocky someone is. This particular candidate did this, but took it to another level.

He added up the totals and divided his total by the possible numbers to figure out his confidence level for this job. Afterwards, he shot me an email that basically said (I’m paraphrasing), “I am only 66% (118/180) confident about this role, so it’s not a good fit.”

I love this approach.

Next time you look at a job description, take a close look at your own confidence level and do a quick calculation on each of the items listed out. Get an idea for how well you match up to this job, then apply. This will help you to get more targeted with your job search and apply for jobs you are more better suited to take on.