Spring/Hibernate/JBOSS Developers – Louisville, CO

I’m hoping you’re a backend or middle-tier Java developer with experience in Spring, Hibernate, and JBOSS.  You may from time to time be asked to do anything from back to front, but if you prefer one over the other that’s totally OK! I’m just looking for good developers who want a job with a solid and (actually) growing company.


The job entails being a 100% coder, you will be writing code, fixing code, and helping to build out new features on a complicated-many-piece platform.


You MUST have these skills/experience:

  • Previously worked in SaaS previously and understand the restrictions that come from having a distributed system that is not fully in your data center.
  • Agile – you have to be fully committed to the agile method for your job
  • JBOSS, Spring, Hibernate
  • MySQL
  • Ability and willingness to work throughout the entire application stack – web front end and Java backend
  • Ability to write and consume RESTful and SOAP APIs (yes, both)
  • Unit Testing – Ant, JUnit
  • Subversion
  • Ability to communicate clearly and work in a highly collaborative work place

If you have these skills as well, it will help you significantly

  • Video Streaming
  • Mobile – Android or iOS or both
  • Committed to the Open Source Community – bonus points for providing an active github account
  • Multithreading and Concurrency experience

Types of projects you’ll work on:

  • Building distributed systems and applications
  • Building and Consuming APIs
  • Solving tough development problems related to SaaS
  • Potential for being a mentor to a more junior developer

If you’re interested, email matt at TechnicalIntegrity dot com with your resume.

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      I just wanted to say that despite [that I'm looking for a different job], I actually read the whole job ad. It was quite comical, & I could almost hear the sass in your voice.

      Catherine, Dallas, TX