Spring/Hibernate/JBOSS Developers – Louisville, CO

I’m hoping you’re a backend or middle-tier Java developer with experience in Spring, Hibernate, and JBOSS.  You may from time to time be asked to do anything from back to front, but if you prefer one over the other that’s totally OK! I’m just looking for good developers who want a job with a solid[…]

Short Term, 60% remote, Spring MVC contract in DTC

This is a well paid short term contract in the DTC area doing Full Stack Spring MVC? If so, here’s what you need to know how to do: Web applications using Spring MVC Build and consume REST based services MySQL using Spring ORM HTML/JS/CSS Our client is an Agile company and will expect you to be[…]

Front-end Java developers in the North Bay area to help create “the pretty”

Seemingly everyone likes things to be tidy if not down-right pretty. An elegant or beautiful application adds an incredible amount to the functionality. Of course there are exceptions to this rule like CraigsList and Ebay, but these two are outliers of epic proportions. Usability can be synonymous with the elegance and beauty of an application,[…]

QA developers make sure the world keeps spinning correctly – North Denver

Your job is to keep customers happy, make sure support ticket counts stay low, and double check everything that gets modified in the system.  To use a played out sports analogy, you’re the goalie.  Most of the time, you sit there quietly watching the game play itself out. But, when the puck heads your way[…]