Giving in your community is important, at least to us

Using Twitter to Organize Your Career Search, and Twelve Other Best Practices to Help You Find Your Dream Job

We are often asked to help our friends in the community plan their next career move. Sometimes we can help them connect directly to a hiring manager- and sometimes the timing or skill sets are off target. One of the things that people find most valuable is our multi-step process to getting organized. Below you[…]

How to become a manager at a startup

So, you want to be a manager?

The information below is shared with permission from and was provided as a reply to an “I want to be a manager” conversation by Elisa Hebert, Director of Project Management at Embolden. Embolden is a national digital communications group, providing a tailored approach to online strategy, development, design & content, working primarily in the nonprofit[…]

Honesty in your career search is important

Honesty in your career search, and finding a better path forward. A candid conversation with Erika Napoletano.

It seems like every time you turn around, someone is lying to you about something. I just read about Gallup Polling being cut off from any future Federal contracts because they were overcharging the government and “indicating a lack of business honesty or integrity.” Well, that’s a problem for an organization that’s been in business[…]