More than $40,000.00 so far…

$40,000.00. Wow. That’s fun to say! We’re proud to share that Technical Integrity has remained true to it’s mission of building community as a major priority. Since our inception, we’ve committed to supporting non-profits and NGO’s that are focused on making an exponential impact in critical areas such as increasing the number of females in[…]

MergeLane Accelerator’s CEO, Sue Heilbronner, “Giving First is About Showing Up and Being Awesome”

In our final #GiveFirst video of the four part series, we spent time with Sue Heilbronner, Co-Founder and CEO of MergeLane. Sue is an amazing force-of-nature. She helped to launch MergeLane as the startup accelerator for companies with at least one woman in leadership. She is also focused on helping any entrepreneur with a #GiveFirst[…]

The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado helps Startups #GiveFirst

In a special 2015 #DENStartupWeek edition of this post, we are pleased to share the third video in our #GiveFirst series focused on an organization that has facilitated more than $3,000,000 in donations to causes that our community cares about, the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado. We proudly call ourselves members of EFCO, and hope you[…]