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Moving to Boulder, Colorado – An Incredible Success Story

Moving to Colorado;  An Incredible Success Story There are a few thousand people in Boulder this week for Boulder Startup Week.  It’s a big week here and it’s one of our favorite weeks in town, where we get to show … Continue reading

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We Have A Strict ‘No Assholes’ Policy, And You Should Too

We Have a Strict ‘No Assholes’ Policy, And You Should Too. As a boutique professional placement firm focused on startups, we need to make decisions daily (and often-times hourly) on where to spend our time and who to spend it … Continue reading

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So, you want to be a manager?

The information below is shared with permission from and was provided as a reply to an “I want to be a manager” conversation by Elisa Hebert, Director of Project Management at Embolden. Embolden is a national digital communications group, providing … Continue reading

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An Ethical Revolution In The Recruiting Realm

There is no doubt that the recruiting industry is broken and failing. When we opened three years ago, we knew we could disrupt the way things were done for decades, and make a real and lasting change. We are glad … Continue reading

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OMG, how do I prove I can do this Rails job!?

Look, proving you’re a solid developer isn’t easy when you don’t have professional experience on your resume.  Many companies want you to PROVE it before they even talk to you, and then you have to be a culture fit too! … Continue reading

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Our Schedule for Boulder Startup Week 2013

If you don’t know about Boulder Startup Week, please go check it out and then get up there!!  There are over 50 events this year and there’s no way we can hit them all, but here are a couple we’re … Continue reading

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Top 10 Interview Questions you Should Ask in Every Interview

As a job-search coach, I frequently mentor people on how they can best prepare for interviews. We practice using many of the top behavioral-based questions that an interviewer might ask, such as, “Tell me about a time when you…” or … Continue reading

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Honesty in your career search, and finding a better path forward. A candid conversation with Erika Napoletano.

It seems like every time you turn around, someone is lying to you about something. I just read about Gallup Polling being cut off from any future Federal contracts because they were overcharging the government and “indicating a lack of … Continue reading

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Recruiters, do us all a favor – Stop being so PUSHY

From Dave Mayer, Technical Integrity’s Founder and CEO: I had a call with a candidate yesterday who trusted our brand and our reputation. This situation was unique in that this candidate wasn’t mine.  He was working with another recruiting firm … Continue reading

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Who we donated to in 2012

We love our community and we feel it is very important that we support the community which has given us so much. 2012 was our biggest giving year yet and so we were able to give to some great charities … Continue reading

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Who are these people?

As you can see from our blog, we do things a little differently. We are a technical recruiting firm who spends time with our clients and our candidates to make sure that we're always providing the best 2-way fit for everyone involved.

We're open, honest, and straight forward people who genuinely want to help you find the right job for you and the right candidates for our clients.


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